Podsitive Actions

The Podsitive Actions portion of this podcast network aims to rally both podcasters and podcast listeners to do good out from behind the microphone. The current plan is that each month, a different podcast will choose a way for the cast and the listeners to improve the communities around them. This will take many different forms, but the main thing is that it will be a project that the podcasters will see through and listeners will have the ability to either join or donate to the projects. Each podcast has a different idea they want the network to promote, and none of it is set in stone yet.


Arguably the biggest star of Charlie and the Monster Factory is Josh Keegan, who plays Alex. Josh is non-binary, and wants to give back to LGBT+ support communities in his area. Mix that with the fact that CatMF is an actual play podcast and our current idea is to raise money and host game nights for the LGBT+ support groups in Josh’s area.

If You Give A Mouse A Dagger has a multitude of aspects that could be potential projects. An actual play podcast featuring adorable woodland creatures based on a children’s book series with obvious undertones of saving the environment? There’s a lot of potential there. We haven’t decided yet, but we have a multitude of initial ideas

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Boss Fight Art.png

Austin and Aubrey answer their questions in the form of video games, and children in the hospital long-term battle anxiety and depression. A good game of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing have been proven to go a long way with those unfortunate side effects of treatment. The initial idea for Boss Fight is to partner with Child’s Play to help children going through treatment.